Weep Not for Me

Constance Jenkins, illustrated by Pat Schaverien

Product Description

In Memory of a Beloved Cat

Nothing can match the special joy of sharing one’s life with a beloved animal companion, and when, as it must, the moment of parting comes, the pain is as great as when a relative or friend dies.

This beautiful and moving poem was written by the author to comfort her sister after the death of her twelve-year-old cat. Its message of reassurance, peace and hope will bring consolation to all who are grieving for a lost pet, reminding them of the happy memories that will live on after time has healed the sadness of bereavement.

Sensitively illustrated with Pat Schaverien’s exquisite sugar lift etchings, Weep Not For Me is the perfect book to give someone who has lost their animal friend, offering sympathy and help at a time when words may seem inadequate.

“Moving and beautiful… It carries a message of hope, reassurance and consolation to anyone grieving over the loss of a pet… providing help and sympathy when words are hard to find.”
‘All About Cats’

“Beautifully illustrated… It offers sympathy to those who have lost an animal friend when words seem inadequate.”
‘You & Your Vet’

“What helped when… mourning a much-loved pet… Weep Not For Me, a poem by Constance Jenkins .”
‘Daily Telegraph’

“Lovely and might help.”

“A beautifully written book, any cat lover will love this treasure…”
‘Moggies’ Blog

“Many of us know the pain and sorrow at losing our beloved feline companions and will want to shy away from wordier tomes intended to make us feel better.  The simplicity of Constance’s poem, says far more in fewer words than many books purposefully written on pet bereavement.”
‘The Daily Mews’

Five Star reviews on Amazon:

“If you are a cat lover, this book is for you. It really touches the heart I’m just sorry that I can’t give it MORE than five crowns! I really just can’t recommend this one enough!!”

“The poem and its exquisitely done illustrations would be a comfort to any who love animals and/or who have lost a beloved companion.”

“The poem speaks volumes to anyone who has loved and lost a pet… The beautiful illustrations add a great deal.”

“Beautiful little book… I would recommend it to any cat lover suffering the loss of their beloved companion.”

“At a time when it feels like no one understands the loss, having a book where the author shares similar feelings is a great consolation. I’ve shared it with friends, one of whom kept murmuring, ‘How true!’ as she read it.”

“Touching and poignant if you are an animal lover”

“Thoughtful little book”

“Very moving… If you’ve ever lost a pet, you’ll understand the words of this poem.”

“Just what you need to read… I… found it very comforting”

“This is a lovely little book with illustrations on each page.”

“If you lose a beloved cat (or any companion animal) this little book may be helpful in lifting your spirits in your time of grief.”

“Weep not for me is a powerful and moving piece with beautiful illustrations.”

“Beautiful pictures and lovely words. I have bought this copy for a friend who has just lost their cat. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did.”

“The words of Constance and the drawings of Pat combined together in a wonderful way to create this beautiful booklet of much emotion. Should we all love so well and so deeply!”

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