Weed: The User’s Guide by David Schmader

David Schmader
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Product Description

The vast majority of marijuana users are high-functioning, life-loving, adults—from lawyers to authors, even parents— Weed is a tour guide to the current state of recreational marijuana, from types of ingestion to the available varieties (and their differing potencies).

This definitive, hands-on, guide will educate and entertain the novice and experienced user alike. Complete with history, ways to enjoy, recipes, safety and legality tips, and medical-use information, this witty guide is perfect for the new world of decriminalised recreational marijuana.
Written to answer all the basic questions that many are too frightened to ask, full of facts and practical information and wittily entertaining.

David Schmader outlines weed’s 12,000 year history, from the questions: “Was Jesus a stoner?” and “Did cannabis create civilization?” to the criminalisation of marijuana in the twentieth-century (despite the objections of the American Medical Association) and the recent world-wide campaigns for legalization.

Complete with ways to enjoy weed, recipes, safety and legality tips, this witty guide is preparation for the new world of decriminalised recreational marijuana. It is a guide to the types of marijuana available, their differing potencies, how to maximize your experience, as well as safety and health tips (but “what you won’t find in this book is reckless encouragement to smoke marijuana”) and an outline to how medicinal marijuana can help differing health conditions. Weed is an easily understood education in the world of marijuana but, mostly, a fun guide to getting high safely.


The difference between a blunt and a spliff.
How to make the world’s best pot brownies.
What to do if you’re high and don’t like it.
If holding smoke in gets you higher.


About the Author

David Schmader is the creative director of the award-winning non-profit writing center the Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas, where he also serves as writer-in-residence.

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