Knut Hamsun
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Written seven years after Hamsun received the Nobel Prize for Literature, Wayfarers is a masterpiece by one of the great novelists of the twentieth century.

As the modern industrialised world begins to encroach on a small, isolated coastal town of northern Norway, the effect is devastating.

For young Edevart, uprooted from his simple origins, it brings progressive alienation from the old traditions. For August, the lying, charming scoundrel, it means opportunities that will threaten the stability of an as yet unspoiled community.

With comic irony and a haunting power, Hamsun charts the slow disintegration of the old way of life in a magnificent novel that provides brilliant insights into human nature: the visiting skipper who is lured to his death by Ane Marie because, hurtfully, he did not make advances to her; the old watch seller who is as ready to cheat himself as he is to swindle others’ the poignant, painful love affair between Edevart and the barefoot Lovise Magrete.

Knut Hamsun is recognised as one of the greatest literary figures of the twentieth century. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1920 for his novel Growth of the Soil.

“A rare understanding of human nature comes through, expressed in a measured, elegiac and lyrical prose. The atmosphere is deliciously thick with sensuality and doom.”
‘Sunday Telegraph’

“The most outstanding Norwegian writer since Ibsen.”
‘Times Literary Supplement’

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