Violin Owner’s Manual

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The origins of the violin are a mystery, but at some point in the sixteenth century it appeared as a hand-made folk instrument. Uniquely, the design of the violin has barely changed since then. It has been the most influential musical instrument in history as the violin family are, after all, the basis of the orchestra. The violin crosses the boundary between high art and grassroots music, and is used in every genre of music from classical to jazz and folk.

Violin Owner’s Manual is the definitive guide to selecting, preserving and protecting any violin, from a fiddle to a Stradivari, whether you are Eliza McCarthy or Vanessa Mae. This indispensable reference book is written without jargon and is illustrated with photographs and drawings to allow anyone to care for their violin.

If you play the violin, teach others to play, work with violins or buy and sell them this guide will:

  • Teach you how your violin works
  • Help you to select the proper instrument and bow for you
  • Teach you how to make common repairs
  • Help you to protect your violin

Whether your child plays the violin in their school orchestra, or you are the owner of the world’s most expensive musical instrument, (a 1726 Stardivari sold for £947,500 in 1998), the Violin Owner’s Manual contains everything the violin owner should know. The violin is a supreme example of craftsmanship, indeed the making of violins has changed little since the days of Stradivari, and with this manual you can be as expert in the care of your violin as any Cremona craftsman.

Violin Owner’s Manual is written by a team of leading instrument makers, repairers and musicians under the guidance of the editors of ‘Strings’ magazine.

“A useful book for violin players… Written by renowned makers and repairers, this is an indispensable guide.”
Classic FM – The Magazine

“Very on-the-ball comments… a lot more explanation and detail.”
Classical Music

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