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Ace Collins
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The Stories Behind Elvis’ Number 1 Hits

Elvis is the greatest singles artist in recording history, with hits that span every decade since he created rock ‘n’ roll, from the 1950’s to numerous #1 singles in the twenty-first century.

Ace Collins gives the inside story of how some of the best known rock songs ever written, from ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, ‘Don’t Be Cruel’, ‘Suspicious Minds’ to ‘Love Me Tender’, were recorded, and how they became hits. Along the way he meets and gets to know the men and women who wrote songs for the “King”, follows the routes their songs took to Elvis, and tracks how Elvis would reshape a song to fit his own vision.

After countless hours interviewing songwriters, digging through dusty charts, and listening to demos in order to uncover the great stories he tells here Ace Collins gives us an intimate description of Elvis the musician, the vocalist who could connect with an audience as no-one else has ever done. Untold Gold places Elvis’s music at the centre of his life, where it should be, and shows Elvis where he was happiest and with those closest to him, in a recording studio with his fellow musicians. Each song is as much a glimpse into the history of America as the life of Elvis.

Why did Colonel Parker ask Elvis to record a 1920’s ballad called ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight?’, how did a young Texan songwriter come to write about a childhood friend for Elvis in ‘In The Ghetto’, how did JXL come to remix ‘A Little Less Conversation’ in 2002 and make it Elvis’s greatest ever international hit decades after his death? How was ‘All Shook Up’ inspired by a bottle of Pepsi?

Ace Collins is feature writer for Texas Music Magazine and a well-known broadcaster in the United States.

“An amazing inside story… Ace Collins gives us an intimate description of Elvis the musician.”
‘Elvis Today’

“Written with a lot more enthusiasm and additional information on how the songs became hits… shines the spotlight on the other side of Elvis’s golden hits and provides interesting background information.”

“The stories behind Elvis’ number ones… prove that Elvis was way more than the average musician… always seeking to create the spark of magic that would truly bring a song to life.”
‘Big Issue Cymru’

“35 stories behind the songs in a book fit for the King.”
‘What’s On In London’

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