Uniquely Human

Dr Barry M. Prizant with Tom Fields-Meyer

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Autism Spectrum Disorder is now among the most commonly diagnosed developmental disabilities, affecting 1% of the population. Uniquely Human is based on 40 years of practical experience with schools, hospitals, families and academic study.

Dr Prizant’s revolutionary approach is to understand autism as a different way of being human. By understanding autistic behaviours as responses based on that individual’s experiences he seeks to enhance the child’s abilities, teach skills and build coping strategies for a better quality of life.

With a wealth of inspiring stories and practical advice Uniquely Human conveys a deep respect for the qualities in people with autism that make them special. Offering a compassionate and insightful perspective, this groundbreaking perspective that could be life-changing and uplifting.

This is essential reading for any parent, teacher or therapist of a person with autism. An internationally acclaimed expert who views autism not as a disability but as a unique way of being human.

Dr Barry Prizant has studied autism for over forty years, as an academic and co-author of the SCERTS Model (an educational approach for individuals with special education needs) that has been implemented around the world.

Tom Fields-Meyer is the author of Following Ezra, an account of what he has learned from his autistic son.

“An amazing book! It will change our perception and understanding of autism.”
Dr Tony Attwood, author of The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome

“From the master clinician and scholar who taught us how to channel different learning styles into successful lives of learning and adaptation, Uniquely Human shines a light onto the vast possibilities of people with autism, showing that their lives represent opportunities, not disabilities; promise, not doom. Heed his detailed guidance because therein lies not only the secret for the fulfillment of every child’s promise, but also the fulfillment of the promise of our entire society.”

Ami Klin PhD, Director, Marcus Autism Center, Professor & Chief, Division of Autism and Related Disorders Department of Pediatrics, Emory University School of Medicine

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