Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy

Eric Berne
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The Classic Handbook to its Principles

It was only after Dr Eric Berne’s Games People Play became in international bestseller in 1964, that transactional analysis, his highly original and innovative approach to psychotherapy, attained wide recognition outside the United States. Over the past forty-five years, however, the principles and practice of ‘t.a.’ have intrigued not only professional therapists but all those who seek to understand human personality and the peculiarities of human relationships.

Transactional Analysis in Psychotherapy, the book in which he first laid out the principles of his method, has become a classic in its field and is now available to a new generation of readers.

“Lays down the principles of transactional analysis in practical schematic terms which often makes them sound improbably, almost quaint in their simplicity… Its simplicity is one of its most attractive features.”
‘New Psychiatry’

“Eric Berne is always refreshing… a very suitable introduction.”
‘Journal of Analytical Psychology’

“A clear detailed account of the theory and practice of Transactional Analysis and of its relationship to psychoanalysis which he likens to that of an apple to its core.”
‘New Society’

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