Trans Fat

Maggie Stanfield
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The Time Bomb In Your Food: What You Need To Know… Now

What are the killers hiding in our food? Learn to identify them, understand what they are doing to our bodies, and how to avoid them.

Trans fats are killers. They are banned in Denmark, outlawed from use in New York’s restaurants, cafes and street stalls, and yet there is still no legal control on their use in the UK, and we consume them everyday.

They have been shown to be a major contributor to the obesity crisis (and are even linked to cancer), but we eat them regularly without realising it. Trans fats are produced in an industrial process, originally used to make candle wax, and are now used by food manufacturers as a cheap means to bulk out the products we buy everyday. Yet they have no nutritional value and our bodies cannot digest them.

With no legal requirement to label them on food packaging, food manufacturers can obscure what is really in their products. Maggie Stanfield explains how to identify trans fat in the ingredients listed on food packaging, how to be more aware of what is in your food and understand what it is doing to your health. She explains what you can do for your family’s health and what we, as consumers, can do to change what is stocked in our supermarkets.

Trans fat is not the only poison on our supermarket shelves. There are other flavourings, colourings and preservatives widely used in food production that the experts do not fully understand and they can be dangerous, especially to children. Maggie Stanfield provides a full outline of all the E numbers in your food and their potential dangers.

The best way to avoid trans fats in the diet is to eat home-cooked meals of organic meat, fruit and vegetables. Maggie Stanfield provides recipes for a delicious range of meals that can be quickly and easily cooked for all the family.

Find the information to make intelligent, informed choices for your and your family’s health.

“The full story of its acceptance by the food industry… Most consumers remain unaware of their dangers.”

“This book explains how to identify the dangers in your kitchen and understand what you are eating, so you can get trans fats out of your food for good.”
‘Spa World’

“Trans fat is a food substance linked to heart disease, infertility and cancer – and most of us are eating it on a regular basis. Maggie Stanfield asks why this dangerous ingredient has not been banned.”
‘Big Issue’

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