Toilet Training

Vicki Lansky
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A Practical Guide to Daytime and Nighttime Training

Anyone can lead a child to the bathroom, but what do you do after you close the door? Let Vicki Lansky help you take the trauma out of toilet training.

Learn how to:

– Set the stage
– Recognise readiness
– Choose a potty seat
– Dress your child for success
– Deal with an uncooperative Child
– Handle accidents
– Understand the issues
– Use rewards – or not!
– Cope when travelling
– Deal with bed-wetting.

Here is information from the experts, tips from parents, and helpful resource information, as well as a Progress Chart and a Potty Diploma.

Vicki Lansky’s invaluable advice and information has helped countless parents through her more than two dozen titles, articles and media appearances. She was a contributing editor to Family Circle Magazine.

“The best thing about Lansky’s ‘Toilet Training’ is her brisk, personal style. She’s a whiz at organising information.”
‘Parents Magazine’

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