Tintin in the New World

Frederic Tuten
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Hergé created Tintin in 1929, his series of Tintin books have gone on to sell 230 million copies and enthralled generations of fans. Yet the boy reporter created by Hergé never grew up, Tintin remained 18 throughout the course of his adventures and his only female companion was La Castafiore.

Hergé gave Frederic Tuten permission to re-imagine Tintin, and the most innocent character of the twentieth-century has been dragged into the too real world of painful love and self-awareness.

We first meet Tintin brooding in Marlinspike Hall, where Captain Haddock diagnoses him as bored and restless. A mysterious letter summons him to Machu Picchu, beside the Inca ruins, where he meets a group of European refugees. Among them is the glamorous Clavdia Chauchat, and Tintin falls in love for the first time. However, the attentive reader will recognise the decadent emigrants, Herr Peeperkorn, Herr Naptha and Signor Settembrini as refugees from Thomas Mann’s ’The Magic Mountain’.

Tuten brings a celebrated children’s character into the post-modern novel, leading Tintin to a philosophically tragic view of the world that can only be understood as the result of the most adult of experiences: sex and death. Tintin in the New World is one of the most acclaimed novels of recent decades; witty and avant-garde, it investigates the darkest urges of the human soul balanced with the desire to embrace all living things.

Frederic Tuten grew up in 1930’s New York. He dropped out of school at 16 to become a painter, but soon after began to write instead. He has written extensively on art, (his novels include The Adventures of Mao on the Long March) and he had a long career as a teacher of creative writing (among his students were Walter Mosley and Oscar Hijuelos).

The cover image is taken from a collage exclusively created by Roy Lichtenstein for this book.

“Frederic Tuten’s post-modern take on the character takes away his innocence: Tintin has not only discovered sex, but intellectual ideas… He makes an engaging hero, accompanying Snowy and Captain Haddock to Machu Pichu in search of new adventures.”
Sunday Telegraph

“One day the eternal boy reporter is feeling bored at Marlinspike Hall… But not for long – an adventure in Machu Picchu is about to introduce him to the grand concepts of sex and death.”
‘The Times’

“Witty, avant-garde and paddling in various post-modern pools, follow Tintin into a philosophically tragic view of the world that can only be understood as the result of the most adult of experiences: sex and death.”
‘The Crack’

“If, like us, you’re already a huge fan of Herge’s amazing old Tintin comics, and you also have a fondness for curious experimental novels, then – blistering barnacles! – this book is for you… This novel is as thrilling as the best of Herge’s masterpieces of children’s literature, but with some grown-up ideological discussion and shagging thrown in. Bonus!”
Dazed & Confused

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