Thrive on Stress

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Learn how to master stress and make it a powerful creative force in your life with Thrive on Stress.

Don’t let stress shatter your health and shorten your life. You can’t hope to escape it, but with Thrive on Stress you can discover how to make it work to your advantage.

What you need is controlled stress, which will help you to enjoy a happier, healthier and more successful life. The psychological procedures you need to exercise this creative control are described in this book.

Here are scientifically based procedures that will enable you to control and use the stress levels in your life, analyse your own stresses and determine the level at which you function most healthily and effectively. Most importantly, you will discover how to maintain your personal optimum stress level.

Dr Robert Sharpe is a leading consultant behavioural psychologist with 20 years’ experience of helping people to overcome their anxieties and phobias. He has presented an enormously popular TV series, Lifeskills, has developed a series of lifeskills audio cassettes and has written many books, including Self-Help for Your Anxiety.

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