Thinking with Horses

Henry Blake
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Stimulating and practical, Thinking with Horses will help you to achieve real communication with your horse. Your horsemanship will improve by leaps and bounds, because you and your horse are working together, using the horse’s natural instincts to make him want to do what is asked of him.

You will learn to understand your horse’s physical and emotional drives – his need for food and shelter, companionship and sex, light, movement and stimulation, for excitement, praise and a sense of achievement.

Author of the international bestseller, Talking with Horses, Henry Blake draws on his lifelong experience with horses to show how you can motivate your horse to do its best for you, offering a wealth of practical advice on training and schooling techniques, and how to overcome problems.

Thinking with Horses represents the wisdom of a lifetime spent working with horses. It is essential reading for any horse-lover who wants to get the best from his or her animal.

“A breath of fresh air among equestrian writing. Anyone, whether a newcomer or an old hand, should enjoy and learn from this delightful book.”

The definitive guide, from the earliest horse whisperer, not only to communicating with a horse but how to work in harmony with it.

The product of Henry Blake’s lifetime experience with horses, and testimony to his international reputation.

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