The Writing Workshop Notebook

Alan Ziegler
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A complete guide for the creative writing student.

“An enormously useful book on writing and teaching that expands, rather than reduces, one’s sense of wonder in the face of literature.”
Michael Cunningham, author of ‘The Hours’

From outlining the personal writing strategies that will get your creativity started and honing different skills, to getting the most out of the writing workshop experience.

Workshops are an essential part of creative writing courses yet there can be a chaotic atmosphere in them. Alan Ziegler, one of the US’s most experienced creative writing teachers, guides the student through understanding how they can use the workshop best. How can you give a critique of other people’s work that will encourage their creativity and how can you listen to critiques of your own work that will help you to profit from alternative readings of your own work?

Alan Ziegler draws on his own vast experience as a writer and teacher, as well as his fund of literary anecdotes so that students learn from writers such as Anne Sexton, Kurt Vonnegut and William Burroughs.

“An invaluable compendium of ideas, information, memories and provocations on the subject of writing… it is a wonderfully useful tool for anyone who writes, or aspires to write, or who wonders how the heck they do it.”
A.M. Homes, author of ‘This Book Will Save Your Life’

“An essential guide for any writer, teacher or lover of words… what makes it so special is Ziegler’s voice, which is full of the best kind of wisdom – intimate, funny, whip smart – the wisdom of a rich writing life.”
Joanna Hershon, author of ‘Swimming’

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