The Way of Passion

Andrew Harvey
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A key book for anyone seeking a spiritual path to enlightenment.

In this sublime book the minds of two mystics come together and intermingle in a work of inspired vision and clarity. Jalal-ud-Din Rumi, enlightened spiritualist poet of Sufism, has been venerated by Muslims everywhere since his death in 1273, and today he has become, for people of every race and creed throughout the world, the poet of the new mystical Renaissance that is slowly but surely coming to flower.

No-one has done more than Andrew Harvey to spread popular awareness of Rumi’s message. Himself a charismatic mystic with a passionate vision of the infinite, he has spent the last twenty years of his life in search of the essential truths that could transform the spiritual barrenness at the heart of modern Western civilisation.

The Way of Passion draws on Rumi’s poems to present his ecstatic vision of spiritual surrender and union as a guide to the crisis that besets us. Inspired by Rumi’s voice and by his own startling ability to see into the innermost heart of life, Harvey urges us to change, to have faith and to act through Love to transform this time of Apocalypse into the time of Resurrection. The passion of his words shines from the pages with an intensity that can embrace and inspire us all.

Andrew Harvey, youngest ever Fellow of All Soul’s College, Oxford, gave up his brilliant academic career to return to India to study and seek the mystic path.

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