The Warriors

Sol Yurick
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The original novel of the cult movie

“A brutal and terrifying book. A deeply significant work of art.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer

On the 4th of July, a sweltering summer’s night, 100,000 New York gang members gather in the Bronx as Cyrus, leader of the city’s most powerful gang, proposes that they form an invincible army. When Cyrus is killed, the Coney Island Dominators, the Family, are framed for his murder. Alone in enemy territory, over the course of the night, they are hunted by the police and every gang in the city. As they fight their way home the Family discover the city’s violence and mysteries, they rape and kill but, above all, they stick together because the Family are the only family they know.

The Warriors is the basis of the cult movie and video game. It was among the first, most authentic, portrayal of the urban gang culture of 1960’s New York.

With an author’s afterword recalling his inspiration, the movie and the book’s later influence.

Sol Yurick was born in New York, and lived in the city for the rest of his life. He worked as an investigator for the city’s department of welfare. He was a lifelong social activist and published three novels. He died in 2013.

“Sol Yurick… was too radical, too extreme and too violent for the respectable literary establishment of New York, yet no writer more fully embodied the city’s anguished spirit in the 1960’s.”

“The best novel of its kind I’ve read. An altogether perfect achievement. I’m sure that to many it will sound like sacrilege but I have to say that I think it a better novel than Lord of the Flies.”
Warren Miller

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