The War Chest

Porter Hill
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The second book in the Adam Horne trilogy of seafaring adventure in the tradition of Hornblower and Ramage, and the sequel to The Bombay Marines.

“A robust adventure story for those who enjoy traditional blood and thunder.”
‘Nautical Magazine’

In this second part of the Adam Horne trilogy, the dare-devil Captain Horne, leader of history’s first commando-style unit, is re-united with his motley but loyal band of ex-convict fighters.

Commodore Watson gives Horne his new orders with great reluctance, feeling deep down that he is sending the captain and his crew to certain death.

Horne sails to Madagascar on a mission of such danger and daring that no one in London, where the plan has been evolved, believes that it can succeed. With the war against the French at stalemate, the British Chiefs of Staff are looking for an unofficial means to reactivate the conflict in India and drive the French from the subcontinent forever. Who better to use than a band of expendable cut-throats, the East India Company’s Bombay Marines?

Porter Hill recreates the atmosphere of eighteenth-century life at sea with all the drama of a battle that takes desperate men to the limits of their endurance. The War Chest is a cliff-hanging saga of wind and wave, cunning and bravery, set in the dangerous, pirate-infested waters around India, Britain’s “jewel in the crown”.

“Readers who like to travel in their armchairs to the bloody gun decks of old sailing ships, or stand on a canting quarterdeck alongside Hornblower, Ramage or Bolitho will enjoy the swashbuckling adventures of Adam Horne.”
‘The News Portsmouth’

“A full helping of cold steel, blod and broadsides on the island of Madagascar.”
‘The Evening Argus Brighton’

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