The Walls of Illusion

Peter Haining
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The psychedelic era, as it was by the people who lived it.

The Sixties was the decade that produced hippies, flower power and free love, the era that saw an unprecedented explosion of youth culture; but above all it was the time when people began to experiment with mind-expanding drugs. Pot, LSD and mescaline circulated freely, and their effects are imprinted on the art, music and literature of the period.

Edited by Peter Haining, with a prologue by Brian Aldiss, The Walls of Illusion presents the psychedelic writings of the people who were in at the birth of the Beat Generation:

– Allen Ginsberg
– Jack Kerouac
– John Lennon
– William Burroughs
– Paul Bowles
– Terry Southern
– Alan Watts

and many more.

Their words conjure up once more the unique atmosphere of the ‘stoned age’, and represent a literature that has left its mark on all that followed.

As a new generation explores psychedelia, this powerful book goes to the heart of the legend and makes it live again.

“If you like the 60’s, if you like ANY of the featured authors, drug literature, or just a new look on Life and Stuff, or writing styles, then you MUST read this book. Its just too good to miss. A Classic Compilation of Classic works!”
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