The Vein of Gold

Julia Cameron
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The Vein of Gold is the new title from Julia Cameron, and the essential companion to the best-selling The Artist’s Way. If you have followed The Artist’s Way, turn to The Vein of Gold to take you on the next stage of your creative journey.

Featuring inspiring teachings on the creative process, The Vein of Gold contains more than one hundred imaginative and energising tasks to inspire and engage the reader, and to lead to spiritual growth, renewal and healing. This book inspires artistic mindful living, assuring the reader that creativity can be a spiritual path leading to personal growth. Julia Cameron leads us through a journey ‘to the heart of creativity’, through seven creative kingdoms:

The Kingdom of Story 
where language animates our self-guiding image
The Kingdom of Sight where we honour our most personal feelings
The Kingdom of Sound where we tune into the melodic flow of creative life
The Kingdom of Relationship where we sharpen the skills to choose companions
The Kingdom of Attitude where we cast off negativity
The Kingdom of Spirituality where we strengthen contact with the higher realms to discover unsuspected inner resources
The Kingdom of Possibility where we inhabit our creative life vision.
A further pilgrimage for the millions of readers for The Artist’s Way, this new book from Julia Cameron provides a series of leading tools intended as a prescription for artful living. Whether you are already actively pursuing a creative enterprise or are just beginning to nurture your own creativity, this powerful book provides the innovative and practical tools for mining the vein of gold within you.

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