The Various Lives of Keats and Chapman

Flann O'Brien
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The “Keats and Chapman” stories and the collected wisdom of “The Brother” are the best of Flann O’Brien’s writings from the Cruiskeen Lawn column of the “Irish Times”. The tall tales of Keats and Chapman reveal the flexibility of a funny mind exploring the limits of the shaggy dog story. Always ending in a terrible pun this collection of writings demonstrate his extraordinary comic inventiveness.

The Brother is the quintessential Dubliner, an authority on every topic who always knows best, and has become a loved Irish comic character and is the author of the great ode to stout.

“That’s a real writer, with the true comic spirit.”
James Joyce

“Along with Joyce and Beckett, he constitutes our trinity of great Irish writers. And who is funnier?”
Edna O’Brien

“A major author… Flann O Brien assault(s) your brain with words, style, magic, madness, and unlimited invention.”
Anthony Burgess

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