The Undivided Self

Theodore Dimon Jr.
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Alexander Technique and the Control of Stress

Discover how the Alexander Technique can help us to gain conscious control of ourselves and achieve health and well-being.

For the author of this illuminating book, the most important discovery made by the creator of the famous Alexander Technique was the significance of the way we use ourselves in daily life, and how we could use ourselves differently if we chose to do so. Most of us are too ready to try to deal with problems such as stress, anxiety or pain by treating the symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes.

By learning to understand the true nature of the mind-body unity, we can take conscious control of ourselves in our behaviour and attitudes. We can come to realise that the use of the self is not a matter of how we use our body and limbs in activity and movement, but a comprehensive process involving the brain, mind, thought, feeling and emotion.

A stimulating and influential study of the Alexander Technique and its purpose, The Undivided Self can help us to see ourselves in a different light and, most importantly, to take control of the way we live, think and move, becoming the healthy, well-adjusted and resourceful human beings that we really are.

Theodore Dimon, Jr. is Director of the Dimon School for the Alexander Technique in Cambridge, Massachussetts. He trained as a teacher of the Alexander Technique at the Constructive Teaching Centre, London.

“A unique and welcome contribution to the published literature on the work of F. Matthias Alexander”
Walter Carrington, Director, Constructive Teaching Centre, London

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