The Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary

Sammy Cahn
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Sammy Cahn knew everything there was to know about the art of lyric writing. The Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary was his bequest to his successors, the fruit of his long experience.

No other rhyming dictionary has been put together so carefully with the songwriter’s needs in mind. More than a collection of rhyming words, this is a companion no songwriter can afford to be without.

The introduction is full of songwriting tips and anecdotes as Sammy Cahn describes how he wrote his greatest songs (giving valuable insights into the whole process of songwriting). Most importantly, he reveals the secrets that have made his songs perennial favourites. For anyone with a song in their heart, but a block in their mind, there is simply no better guide.

Sammy Cahn was, without doubt, one of the best songwriters ever (among his hit songs are ‘Three Coins in the Fountain’, ‘the Tender Trap’ and ‘Love and Marriage’) with a genius for rhyming. A professional songwriter for more than forty years, he earned over 30 Academy Award Nominations and won four Oscars.

“Hollywood’s favourite songwriter”
‘Jewish Chronicle’

“This is a masterclass from Sinatra’s favourite lyricist…Regardless of whether your tastes run from pop, jazz, musicals, punk (me!) or heavy metal, you can learn something from the intro!”
J. Whiting, Amazon reviewer

“Quite amazing…My method of songwriting is to create music and then let my creative mind put lyrics to it. With this book, I am able to polish my rhymes.”
H. Morrell, Amazon reviewer

“I got it on the recommendation of my music teacher, and it didn’t disappoint. It gives some useful theory on songwriting, and the dictionary itself as well; a compact book, not too big or difficult. A good addition to a musician’s library.”
Lovethesethings, Amazon reviewer

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