The Song of Leonard Cohen

Harry Rasky
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With previously unpublished songs and poems by Leonard Cohen

“This unique portrait captures Cohen’s personality, the constant creativity in which he lived and his path towards becoming a musician… Intimate and moving.”
‘The Crack’

In 1979 Leonard Cohen set off on his Field Commander Cohen world tour. Accompanying him was young filmmaker Harry Rasky, and it would be the wildest years of his life.

From soaking in a jacuzzi with Cohen, drinking wine and discussing the meaning of life, to the pair running away from armed police in Germany suspected of being Bader-Meinhof terrorists, this is the full story of that world tour and a rare insight into Leonard Cohen the poet, musician and man.

Harry Rasky created the acclaimed documentary The Song of Leonard Cohen and he has now delved into his personal archives and diaries to write this intimate and moving portrait of Cohen. Including previously unseen photos, as well as Cohen’s own commentary on his writing and his development as a writer, no other book gets so close to Cohen the poet and writer.

Also containing a special bonus chapter The Dylan Diaries, based on Harry Rasky’s notes from an abandoned 1966 documentary project with Bob Dylan that captures Dylan’s chaotic creativity at the time.

“Rasky’s Leonard Cohen is clever, poetically inspired, a superb performer…(Rasky) is anxious to track Cohen to his lair – in lyrics, in history, in his personal life.”
Jan Morris, ‘Times Literary Supplement’

“Cohen in depth, and in his own words… Students of Cohen’s work will find this intricate portrait an illuminating rumination on the nature of creativity and the religious, sociological and geographical pressures that mould the way in which a poet sees the wider world.”
‘Record Collector’

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