The Soft Diet

Rita Greer
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The Soft Diet offers groundbreaking ideas and exciting recipes for the increasing number of people who have problems chewing or swallowing, whether through disability, dental problems or illness. It is based on providing proper nutrition, with vegetables and fruit, salads, bread and cakes, cereals, cheese, fish and meat, poultry and eggs. Based on decades of practical experience in the food industry and as a health writer, Rita Greer’s authoritative guide is a carer’s bible. This book is as useful for those caring for someone at home as for caterers in hospitals and care homes and will improve the quality of life for anyone who has problems with chewing and swallowing.

The author has developed recipes for people on exclusion diets and as the carer for her husband who was unable to chew she turned her attention to designing a new cuisine, specifically for adults, that would provide a balanced and stimulating diet. Includes exciting ideas for a range of recipes for everyday meals as well as special occasions.

Nutritious, Appetising And Practical Recipes for Chewing and Swallowing Difficulties

Rita Greer has been a full-time writer since 1970 (specialising in writing for people on special diets), and has written over thirty books. In 2010 she was awarded an honorary MA by the Open University for ‘her notable contribution to education and culture’. She is also the author of Rita Greer’s Vegetarian CookbookSimply Gluten Free and Wheat-Free Cooking.

Out in October 2016
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