The Sleep Book for Tired Parents

Rebecca Huntley, illustrated by Kathleen Kerr
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If your child has a sleep problem, then so do you.

The commonest problem for families with small children is disrupted sleep. Does your child have trouble going to sleep? Is your child disrupting the family by waking during the night?

Does your child suffer from these common problems:
Difficulty getting to sleep
Nightmares and sleep terrors
Waking for unnecessary feeds?

The Sleep Book for Tired Parents has the answers you need now. This reassuring and practical book will give you the confidence to deal with the problem to encourage a healthy, stable sleep pattern for your child and the entire family will be able to get back to sleep, at last. You decide which approach will work best for you.

No single approach will work for every family. Rebecca Huntley offers four different options that will suit every circumstance and routine. By understanding the nature of sleep cycles and problems that affect healthy, uninterrupted sleep you can choose the option that fits your individual family.

Rebecca Huntley is a family therapist with over twenty years of experience and lectures widely on family issues. She is a mother of three and with her professional experience has a unique insight into one of the most common problems of parenting.

“A comprehensive guide that confidently aids you in pinpointing the issues at the heart of your child’s sleep problems.”

“This practical book shows how you can change a bad sleeping pattern”
‘Angels & Urchins’

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