The Sinking of the Titanic

Captain L.M Collins
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What happened on the night of April 15th 1912 to cause the SS Titanic to sink?

Despite the hundreds of books written about the ‘night to remember’ few of their authors have had any nautical experience. Captain L.M Collins is a professional mariner, experienced in North Atlantic waters, the very waters where SS Titanic sank. His practical expertise and years of experience gives him a unique background (a background few other writers can bring to this subject) with which to re-examine the evidence from the original court of inquiry into the Titanic disaster in 1912.

Fundamental misinterpretations of the evidence given to the inquiries on the sinking of the Titanic have perpetuated the myth that Titanic collided with an iceberg.

Captain Collins has gone back to the original records and to the statements of Titanic’s surviving crew to determine if the disaster was caused by the shocking professional incompetence and negligence by Captain Smith (the ship’s captain) and his experienced crew. He has discovered the truth of, a secret that has been hidden in the overlooked accounts of professional sailors for almost 100 years. Only another sailor could have unravelled this mystery and exonerated Titanic’s crew.

Illustrated through-out, including artist’s impressions used for publicity purposes before the construction of the Titanic and photographs taken during the ship’s only voyage, The Sinking of the Titanic re-interprets the history of the disaster while solving many of the century-old mysteries that surround this mythical ship.

Captain Collins started work on cargo and passenger ships in 1947, and for many years was an ice pilot. He retired in 1994 and currently teaches at the School of Maritime Studies in Newfoundland. He has contributed to a number of documentaries on the Titanic, notably on BBC Television and the Discovery Channel.

“Much has been written about the Titanic since 1912, but little by experienced mariners… Throughout the book, Captain Collins endeavours to separate fact from myth… This book comes as close to a factual interpretation of the Titanic tragedy as we are ever likely to find… Titanic books don’t come better than this. Highly recommended!”
The Nautical Magazine

“CA mariner with over 40 years’ experience sailing in the ice-infested waters around Newfoundland… he has come to some startling conclusions about the fate of the Titanic. A thought-provoking book.”
Good Book Guide

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