The Silva Method

José Silva with Philip Miele
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Tapping the secrets of your mind for total self-mastery. Your key to success, fulfilment and personal growth.

To transform your life all you need to do is to learn how to unlock the powerful resources of your mind through creative visualisation – ‘see’ what you desire and make it happen.

Millions of people, Olympic athletes to international businessmen, writers and actors, doctors and teachers have already mastered the secret of this amazing, world-famous technique. You can too. The Silva Method can awaken your hidden powers and provide a new self-mastery in every area of your life.

– Learn much faster
– Remember more easily
– Develop and control your will-power
– Improve your physical and mental health
– Conquer the stresses of life
– Solve any problems that you meet

Using a simple, step-by-step approach the Silva Method teaches you to function at an inner conscious level, the alpha brain frequency, and to use your right brain hemisphere for enhanced intuition, creativity, problem-solving ability, and much more. After practice, you will be able to reach your alpha level at will and a new world of achievement, happiness and fulfilment will open up to you.

“Still the best seminar of its kind.”
‘The Independent’

“Other ways to train your brain… José Silva’s kooky self-hypnosis technique… proved irresistible to New York denizens such as Andy Warhol and Calvin Klein… Retro cool and way more fun for the head than Pilates.”
‘The Times’

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