The Sharper Mind

Fred B. Chernow
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Mental Games for a keen mind and a foolproof memory

“An invaluable guide to strengthening your memory power.”
‘Daily Mail’

“Techniques and tips to age-proof your memory from a leading business advisor in the field… Take Chernow’s advice and improve your performance at work and in everyday life.”
‘The Times’

Always misplacing your keys? Recognise the face but can’t think of the name? If you’re worried that your memory is going, then this book is for you!

With its clear explanations of how your memory works and its simple suggestions for improving your memory, The Sharper Mind will calm your worries and ensure that you never forget anything important again.

Fred Chernow offers readers a wide selection of strategies and techniques to help them register, retain and retrieve information. His aim is to help the busy executive, the retired person, indeed anyone to use simple, easy-to-follow and fun-to-apply methods for recording data as it is heard or read then to play it back, with accuracy, when needed.

When you complete The Sharper Mind you will be able to:

  • Remember names, numbers, dates and important facts with speed and accuracy
  • Perform even complex calculations instantly with mental maths shortcuts
  • Conquer absent-mindedness and forgetfulness
  • Develop mental agility with the help of a ‘mental aerobics workout’
  • Age-proof your memory

In addition to teaching these skills, the book helps the reader to understand how memory works at different stages of life; take control of the daily demands of money; remove memory blocks; improve observation; and sharpen thinking and reasoning skills.

Fred B. Chernow is a retired New York City School principal and university professor, and now a business seminar leader in the field of memory improvement. He has trained executives at various Fortune 500 companies and has attracted huge audiences to his memory improvement lectures around the world.

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