The Secret Language of Your Child

Dr David Lewis
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*Revised and updated edition*

The Secret Language of Your Child is an essential handbook for all new parents, carers and nursery staff, written by Dr. David Lewis.

Revolutionary in its knowledge of the body language and behaviour of the under-fives, The Secret Language of Your Child will make every reader look at under-fives in an entirely different way.

In a pioneering study, Dr. David Lewis filmed young children communicating with each other using gestures and facial expressions. This detailed research provided the basis for this study of the body language of young children, for toddlers can already communicate before they learn to speak.

The Secret Language of Your Child explains the significance of the facial and body movements of under-fives, helping parents to understand what their child is trying to communicate, and how to recognise when a child is feeling anxious, aggressive or distressed.

Using a wealth of illustrations that interpret the secret language of your child, Dr. David Lewis reveals how to communicate with a child during its formative years.

Dr. David Lewis is an award-winning broadcaster and Chairman of Mindlab International, a global consultancy based in the Innovations Centre at the University of Sussex.

“An excellent book and, what is more, fun. Yet it is a book with a serious and important purpose.”
‘Psychology Today’

“Do I think its well worth a read, with relevant points and ideas? Yes, and I can see this being even more beneficial to parents of younger children who cannot make themselves heard yet, or should I say that they can, we just don’t know what we’re listening for. It will change your perceptions.”
‘The Reading Residence’



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