The Running Foxes

Joyce Stranger
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One of the best loved stories of country life ever written

This classic of the countryside has enchanted readers all over the world. It is a magical novel of an England now almost gone – of foxes running free over the Cumbrian fells; of an otter cub adopted by a poacher; of dour Lakeland farmers who hunt on foot, each with their eager hounds, and are outwitted again and again by a vixen and her two cubs.

Joyce Stranger has earned herself a huge following with her deep love and knowledge of the countryside, and of the wild creatures that roam in its secret places. First published more than forty years ago and constantly reprinted, The Running Foxes is once more available to delight a new generation of readers.

“A novel with a most curious magic.”
‘Sunday Express’

“Joyce Stranger brings the smell of the hedgerow and the sharp cry of the fox in the night to her vividly written tale of the wild creatures she loves.”
‘Evening News’

“A charming story… beautifully told… Read The Running Foxes – you’ll be as enchanted as we have been.”
‘Farmer and Stockbreeder’

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