The Rear View

Jean-Luc Hennig
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A brief and elegant history of bottoms through the ages

Witty, cultured, saucy, provocative and shamelessly enjoyable!

One of the most deliciously entertaining books ever published, now doubly enhanced with photographs of some of the world’s most famous and beautiful bottoms – Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, ‘The Rokeby Venus’, Michelangelo’s ‘David’, Rubens’ ‘The Three Graces’… by some of the world’s leading photographers – Bernard of Hollywood, Jeanloup Sieff, Lawrence Schiller…

A joyous parade of fantasy, tenderness, humour, art, loveliness, strength and sensuousness, all in celebration of those delectable ‘eiderdowns of happiness’.

“Erudite, impolite and utterly intriguing. On several points it is outstanding. This fundamentally sound study deserves to become a classic.”
David Profumo, ‘Daily Telegraph’

“I was never really a botty man, though now, I think, I am. I used to be a breast man. Until, that is, I read Jean-Luc Hennig’s witty, cultured, lyrical, absorbing and transforming celebration – there is no better word… It is a beautiful book.”
Michael Thompson-Noel, ‘Financial Times’

“Bottoms, as Professor Jean-Luc Hennig shows in his wonderfully eclectic new book, are pleasing things, cheerful in their portliness, and objects of blissful wonder to writers, artists, cybernauts and even those numerologists who have found in Marilyn Monroe’s vital statistics a symbol of perfection.”
‘The Independent on Sunday’

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