The Quest for Gaia

Kit Pedler
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The original guide to sustainable living and achieving a green, eco-friendly lifestyle, The Quest for Gaia is more relevant than ever in the technology-driven twenty-first century.

In the 1970s James Lovelock formulated his Gaia Hypothesis, which explores the idea of the Earth as a life form, that all living things on the planet are part of Gaia, part of the complex web of existence of which humans are just one part.

Kit Pedler, the scientist who co-created the ‘Doomwatch’ television series to warn us of the dangers of technology, presents his vision of a totally different way of being in the world.

Mankind, Pedler believes, stands at a critical point in history and has to reassess its relationship and the web of interactions that make up the total life-form of the planet. Pedler calls this life-form Gaia, after the Greek earth mother goddess and James Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis, a being whose sole concern is the survival of the planet itself.

Humanity is provoking the wrath of the life-form by its high technology usage, accelerating entropy and production of planetary disorder. Can we halt the technological Behemoth and live in harmony with the planet again? Kit Pedler says ‘yes, we can, indeed, that we have no choice but to do so’.

He outlines highly practical ways every individual can change his or her way of life to reduce our personal entropy debt. Do we need to eat factory-farm beef rather than, the sun-product, grain? Must be build homes from steel and concrete rather than, the renewable earth-product, timber? Is there an alternative to expensive, and ecologically destructive, drugs?

From experiments with his own lifestyle Kit Pedler comes to some profoundly optimistic conclusions. He demonstrates how low-entropy living can have unexpected rewards, from restoring our respect for the creatures with which we share the earth, greater independence and freedom through learning abandoned skills and, above all, by the recovery of a lost vision, once possessed by our forefathers, which enables us to see and feel in ways forgotten by industrial man.

The Quest for Gaia is an exhilarating and optimistic book, and a challenge to capture a rewarding and sustainable future for ourselves and our earth. It is a blueprint for the Age of Gaia.

“It offers timely guidelines to all environmentalists in danger of being bogged down in the minutiae of alternative technology. It commits what those seeking only economic and social restructuring may regard as a crime—it puts philosophy into ecology.”

“This challenging book… Pedler’s foray through industrial society is idiosyncratic, searching and deadly.”
‘New Scientist’

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