The Penny Pincher’s Book Revisited


John & Irma Mustoe

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Living Better for Less

Discover a new lifestyle and entirely change your life. Get more from your hard-earned money, cut your living expenses, and make life more fun.

Being thrifty is not about being mean, it is not about hoarding wealth, it is about living better. Instead of making money the ruling factor in life, it is about having the freedom to spend money on the things that you care for and having a lot more fun. Read just a few pages and you will be amazed at how much money you have been wasting. Follow its recommendations and you will be able to pay for the things you only dream of having.

Drawing on decades of experience and hundreds of tips from their seminal magazine, ‘The Penny Pincher Paper’, John and Irma Mustoe will convert your life into the good life. Use imagination, ingenuity and common sense to save money at every turn, and live a more environmentally sound life.

Buy less. Use less. Waste less. Make everything you buy earn its keep. Learn to repair, recycle and budget.

There are thousands of ways to recycle, and they will all help to lessen the demand on the world’s resources. Make economising an exquisite art form that will help the planet, and the future generations that will inherit it.

Sparkling with enthusiasm and inventiveness, this is the bible for living well in an era of rising interest rates, higher mortgages and increased debt. John and Irma Mustoe show you how to enjoy an abundant life on a limited income, as they have shown viewers in their many TV appearances.

“A wealth of money-saving ways and means – many never before heard of – is revealed.”
‘Daily Express’

“Ingenious – though some may say insane – ways to save your money… A new penny-pinching bible.”
‘Daily Mirror’

“As the nation grapples with rising debt… a guide to lead us towards a more prudent new dawn.”
‘Daily Telegraph’

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