The Morning of the Magicians

Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier
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The Classic Revelation of a New Consciousness

“The Morning of the Magicians… taught me ‘live your life in the visible and the invisible world’.”
Paul Coelho, author of ‘The Alchemist’

It is not science-fiction, although it cites myths on which that literary form has fed. Nor is it a collection of bizarre facts, though the Angel of the Bizarre might well find himself at home in it. It is not a scientific contribution, a vehicle for an exotic teaching, a testament, a document, a fable.

It is simply an account – at times figurative, at times factual – of a first excursion into some as yet scarcely explored realms of consciousness.

The Morning of the Magicians is a classic of radical literature, a book that has challenged assumptions and conventional knowledge for decades. It has shaken the foundations of beliefs all over the world and may be the most influential book published in the twentieth century.

Louis Pauwels and Jaques Bergier spent years searching “through all the regions of consciousness, to the frontiers of science and tradition” and opened their minds to any fact or theory that went beyond the frontier of current theories. The result is this remarkable work, and the stream of possibilities that it contains:

– Do mutants exist, are they a future form of man?
– Does extrasensory perception reveal that human consciousness has advanced beyond its currently accepted limits?
– What connects the ancient art of alchemy and modern atomic physics?

All that the authors ask is that their readers put aside all prejudice and assumption and consider a different method of interpreting reality. Open your mind and be brave enough to believe.

Louis Pauwels founded the magazine Planète and Jaques Bergier was an internationally distinguished nuclear physicist.

“New Age classic still casts a spell… challenging our basic assumptions [it] shook the convictions of people everywhere and soon became recognised as a classic of radical literature.”
‘News Letter’

“A book that shook the world.”
‘Southern Daily Echo’

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