The Moneychangers

Arthur Hailey
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“One of the most successful novelists of all time”
‘The New York Times’

The world of banking – an electrifying exposé

The Moneychangers by Arthur Hailey blends action, suspense, mystery and torrid love scenes in a powerfully entertaining novel that is as topical as tomorrow’s headlines.

‘It was on Tuesday that old Ben Rosselli, president of First Mercantile American Bank and grandson of the bank’s founder, made an announcement – startling and sombre – which reverberated through every segment of the bank and far beyond. And the next day, Wednesday, the bank’s “flagship” downtown branch discovered the presence of a thief – beginning a series of events which few could have foreseen, and ending in financial wreckage, human tragedy and death.’

Arthur Hailey combines money, people and banking into a tense, totally absorbing story of the financial and personal crises behind the dignified bronze doors of a major bank.

Interwoven with the dreams, passions, rivalries and guilty secrets of its employees are currency and credit card frauds, embezzlement, a prison gang-rape, Mafia torture, and the call-girl sex that sweetens irregular business deals.

“Compulsive reading… a top-notch pot-boiler this combination of pace and home-work with sex and violence.”
‘The Financial Times’

“There is no fiction writer who has Hailey’s gifts for in-depth research and topicality. The Moneychangers is… topical, relevant and thought-provoking as today’s financial pages… Few can equal his mastery for detail.”
‘Irish Independent’

“A singularly topical… novel about the world of big banking”
‘Daily Express’

Arthur Hailey’s works have sold more than 170 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 40 languages. He served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, after which he moved to Canada.

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