The Migraine Brain

Carolyn Bernstein
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Migraine is actually a neurological disease. It affects one in five women and one in twenty men, and can be a debilitating and chronic condition with a range of physical and emotional symptoms (not just excruciating head pain). It is caused by chemical and structural differences in the brains and central nervous systems of sufferers.
The Migraine Brain is the comprehensive, most up-to-date book on migraines and it offers any sufferer the opportunity to get better:

● Reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines
● Learn how to prevent and curtail them
● Discover how to recover from them quickly.

Every migraine is different because every sufferer has a unique Migraine Brain, with its own sensitivities and triggers.

Dr Bernstein identifies what can trigger an attack, helping readers to develop a personalised plan to control or prevent their pain. Including research into the newest drug treatments, as well a range of tactics and treatments (from lifestyle change such as yoga, exercise and better sleep to diet) The Migraine Brain provides sufferers with everything they need to change their lives forever. Packed with the latest medical research and an up to date resource section, as well as lively anecdotes from sufferers, quizzes and questionnaires to help identify a personal approach to managing migraines, The Migraine Brain offers a comprehensive treatment programme.

Dr Carolyn Bernstein is an assistant professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School and has founded her own clinic, the Women’s Headache Center . Elaine McArdle is an award-winning journalist who has suffered from migraines for twenty years.

“Migraine prevention, treatment and how to find your personal triggers.”

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