The Lost World of Agharti

Alec Maclellan
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The classic account of one of the earth’s most ancient and secret mysteries.

“An important book. The author’s deductions about this mysterious country and the forces it controls break new ground. It is essential reading for all seekers after truth.”
Erich von Daniken, author of ‘Chariots of the Gods’

For centuries, people have sought to discover the truth of the ancient legend of a hidden subterranean kingdom linked to every continent by a vast network of tunnels and passageways. The people who inhabit this utopia are said to have lived in seclusion for untold aeons, guarding the secret Vril Power by which man and nature can be controlled.

What is known about this underground world and its people?

What is the nature of Vril Power?

How has if affected our lives now and in the past?

This remarkable book records the findings of the many explorers who have sought to learn the truth and attempts to trace the course of the tunnels leading to Agharti. It finds evidence of superhuman influence in the origin of the peoples of America, in the occult secrets of Asia and in the legend of Atlantis. It even suggests what Vril Power may be.

Thought-provoking, inspiring and utterly fascinating, The Lost World of Agharti throws an entirely new light on the history of mankind and forces us to view the world from a challengingly different perspective.

“The Lost World of Agharti stands out as a qualified attempt to come to terms with the inner earth enigma”
‘Archives for UFO Research’ newsletter

“An absorbing, controversial book.”
‘Oldham Evening Chronicle’

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