The Lost Sutras of Jesus

Edited by Ray Riegert and Thomas Moore
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A unique spiritual quest into the heart of Jesus’ teachings and the essence of Eastern religion.

A fascinating book that combines one of the most amazing yet little-known stories in the history of world religions with a collection of 1,300-year-old sutras that merge the teachings of Jesus with the wisdom of Asia’s great religions: Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.

The Lost Sutras of Jesus traces the fascinating historical journey of a group of Christian missionaries as they travelled along the Silk Road bringing the sutras into China in 635 A.D. At the request of the Chinese Emperor they established a monastery at Da Qin. Thomas Moore and Ray Riegert track the mysterious hiding of the sutras in a cave around 1005 A.D, their accidental discovery in 1907, the recent translating of the sutras and the rediscovery of the original monastery.

The second half of the book presents a selection of the sutras, including a commentary that draws on Moore’s unique experience as a former priest and enlightening author. Together with Riegert, Thomas Moore shows how the sutras combine Jesus’s teachings with Taoist maxims and Eastern meditations to create a more gentle and spiritual form of Christianity.

These scrolls constitute the sacred teachings of a Chinese Christian church of the Tang and early Sung dynasties. Here Christianity melds with Buddhism and Taoism in a form never seen before or since. The result is a dynamic form of Christianity that marks the meeting point of East and West.

“This fascinating book tracks the mysterious hiding of the sutras in a cave around 1005 AD, their discovery in 1907, their recent translation and the rediscovery of the original monastery.”
‘The Watkins Review’

“A romantic history of the rediscovery of the scrolls and of early Christianity in China… Under Buddhist influence, Jesus evolves into a wise teacher who saves humankind not from sin, but from the Wheel of Rebirth.”
‘The Middle Way’

“This book sheds new light on the relatively unknown story of a group of Christian missionaries who travelled through China… Complete with extracts from the sutras themselves.”
‘Good Book Guide’

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