The Gift of Dyslexia

Ronald Davis

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Like other dyslexics, Ronald Davis had unusual gifts of creativity and imagination, but couldn’t function ‘properly’ at school; it wasn’t until he was an adult that he discovered techniques that allowed him to read easily.

Written from personal experience of having dyslexia, this breakthrough book offers unique insights into the learning problems and stigmas faced by those with the condition, and provides the author’s own tried and tested techniques for overcoming and correcting it.

The experience of being dyslexic is fully explained, from its early development to how it becomes gradually entrenched, as a child comes to rely on non-verbal perception. Davis demonstrates that people with dyslexia have special talents of perception, imagination and intuition, which can be used to enable them to master the problems they have with reading and mathematics. He shows how the dyslexic mind works and how problems are compounded through failure and frustration.

Setting out practical step-by-step techniques, using visualisation and multisensory learning, Ronald Davis brings help to the 15% of children and adults who struggle with reading and writing because of dyslexia. In this revised and expanded edition of his classic work, Ronald Davis brings real help to people who have dyslexia.

At the age of 38, when he was a successful engineer running his own business (but barely capable of reading), Ronald Davis discovered that he, and other dyslexics, thought in terms of three-dimensional pictures rather than words, which made learning to read by conventional methods difficult. He developed his own three dimensional and visualisation learning techniques to help him read, based on the belief that dyslexia is a different form of intelligence (rather than a disability) and that the dyslexic needs to be taught by a method that values their different intellect. From being described as ‘functionally illiterate’ when he left school, Ronald Davis is now the author of The Gift of Dyslexia, one of the bestselling education books in the world.

It led him to found the Davis Dyslexia Association to help other dyslexic children and adults to read and write. The Davis method is now used in over 40 countries, in 30 languages, by over 450 accredited teachers.

“At last! A book about dyslexic thinking by one who is dyslexic, and for fellow dyslexic people… I would recommend this book to any dyslexic and non-dyslexic person. It is a dyslexic friendly book.”
‘Dyslexic Contact’

“A system that uses models to represent difficult-to-grasp words is claiming remarkable success in treating dyslexia… 97 per cent success rate and is used in more than 30 countries.”
‘Times Educational Supplement’

“A teaching method in which dyslexics model key words in clay promises to put an end to the problems of dyslexia once and for all.”
‘The Independent’

“The Davis method… tackle(s) the causes of dyslexia… helping clients to understand and take control of their own thought processes.”
‘The Times’

“Using practical step-by-step techniques, using visualisation and multisensory learning, the author provides practical help based on the fact that dyslexics use pictures rather than words. The book helps us all to see dyslexia as a positive experience… I recommend you try it and see if it applies to your own situation – you will find it helpful.”
‘Parents in Touch’

“Presented in a dyslexia friendly style… I would recommend this book, both for people with dyslexia and parents and teachers. It describes the problems so well, but even more importantly it radiates optimism and encouragement and offers a programme for success.”
‘Disability Now’

“What do Cher, Leonardo da Vinci, Whoopi Goldberg, and Walt Disney all have in common? Dyslexia. Though one may think they achieved success in spite of their disability, Ronald D. Davis… says it’s because of it… Once students remove obstacles to learning, they are free to capitalize on the innate gifts dyslexia can bring.”
‘New Woman’

“Love this book. It changed my daughters life…  The advice, tips and inspiration helped me not to give up and to not let a piece of paper define my child. Thank you once again.”
‘Facebook User, Marinda Cruywagen’

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