The Fruit Hunters

Adam Leith Gollner
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“This is a book to inspire you to travel the world and have succulent delights straight off the tree… A great book.”
‘Up All Night’, Radio 5 Live

Fruit has held as powerful a sway over man as gold or myrrh. It has led nations into war, inspired religious worship, fuelled dictatorships and been the motive behind exploration.

Looking beyond the familiar fruits Adam Gollner enters the underworld of inaccessible, obscure, even forbidden fruits. In this Willy Wonka-like world of mangos that taste like pina colados, ice cream beans, peanut butter fruits and the miracle fruit that makes sour taste sweet we meet a cast of bizarre characters – fruitarians who believe that a fruit diet is instrumental in achieving enlightenment, fruit smugglers, obsessed horticulturalists.

Discover more to the world of fruit than the bland shelves of a supermarket, travel the world with Adam Gollner in search of fruits few have ever heard of (and even fewer have actually tasted).

“Slipping from travel writing mode to investigative journalism, he also digs into the darker side of the story, reporting on the banana growers funding Colombian terrorism, the scale of international fruit smuggling, the struggle to conserve biodiversity… Gollner’s passion for the subject bursts through in every line. The zingy facts just keep coming.”
‘Daily Telegraph’

“Adam Leith Gollner’s first book, The Fruit Hunters, grew out of a “fruit epiphany” in Brazil that sent him round the world in search of exotic, fun, delicious and dsisgusting harvests, and back into history, where fruit have propped up dictatorships and sent countries to war.”

“In the Fruit Hunters, the author recounts how he was first inspired by a fruit stand in Rio de Janeiro, and… began tracking down both rare fruits and the individuals who have made fruit their personal obsession… Along the way, the book showers the readers with facts about fruit and its history.”
‘Financial Times’

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