The Food Medicine Bible

Earl Mindell
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What you eat can contain powerful properties that can protect against disease, alleviate and cure symptoms and help you to live longer. Eating the right foods is the most natural way to stay well and healthy and really to start to enjoy your life.

Earl Mindell, author of the bestselling The Vitamin Bible, is your guide to the foods that keep you healthy throughout life:

– Common fruits and grains that protect against heart disease
– Fish that alleviates arthritis
– Beans and yoghurt that cure acne
– Defend yourself against breast cancer with cabbage and broccoli

In The Food Medicine Bible Earl Mindell describes how foods can change your life by simply changing your diet. The foods that have anti-ageing properties, can lower cholesterol, ease menopausal symptoms and contribute to a healthy pregnancy.

With a special section dedicated to the hundred most powerful medicinal foods Earl Mindell advises on everything from what will protect your family against colds and heart disease to the foods that will help to prevent cancer.

Earl Mindell is one of the world’s leading nutrition experts and Professor of Nutrition at Pacific Western University, Los Angeles.

“A world of healthy eating.”
‘Woman’s Own’

“The right foods have anti-ageing properties, can lower cholesterol, ease menopausal symptoms and can protect us against heart disease and cancer. But which ones? Look no further than this comprehensive volume… Thorough, wide-ranging and extremely informative.”

“An easy-to-use reference book about how what we eat can affect our health… A very useful read.”
‘Health Plus’

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