The Flight of the Swan

Elizabeth Webster
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The injured swan lay limp on the river bank. Laurie held it still while the fish-hook was removed from its throat. She could feel the warmth of its silken breast under her fingers, and the wild, frantic beating of its heart as it fought for death. That’s how I felt, she thought. Frantic and desperate… almost dying of fright…

Weeks had passed since she had fled, bruised, terrified and despairing, from the violence of her drunken husband, Jeff, taking the children with her. Through the kindness of a good friend, she had come to the hop farm in Kent, and there, by the river, she met the Swan Man and felt the balm of his quietness and gentle strength.

When, at the end of hop-picking season, she was offered the chance to spend the winter helping on a Cornish flower farm, it seemed that a happy and tranquil future was opening for herself and the children. Jeff was miles away, serving a prison sentence for his cruelty to her. They were safe from him at last. Or so she thought…

The Flight of the Swan is a poignant and moving love story which highlights the plight of battered wives in our society. Reflecting her deep and sensitive appreciation of the countryside and her understanding of complex human emotions, it is a story that ranges from tragedy to joy in a skilfully woven tapestry of observation and experience.

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