The Eye of the Prophet

Kahlil Gibran
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Kahlil Gibran’s great poem The Prophet is known and loved by people around the world, as an inspirational guide to everyday life it has become a source of strength to millions. The Eye of the Prophet draws from Gibran’s prose, poetry and letters to provide an illuminating selection of Gibran’s reflections that enlighten and help at times of stress.

As in his other books the author blends Christian, Muslim and Buddhist ideas into a spiritual unity that will transcend all cultural and religious divisions. Ranging with sublime imagery over the great themes that preoccupied Gibran throughout his life, it reveals new insights into the profound originality of his inspiration and throws fresh light on the mystical meaning of his message to the world. His is a lyrical poetic voice that embraces both Western and Eastern philosophy, expressing the spiritual uniqueness of his thoughts with eloquence and wisdom.

The Eye of the Prophet is a treasury of wisdom, of lyrical joy, of comfort and hope. Above all, it makes the perfect companion to The Prophet.

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