The Dreamer’s Dictionary

Stearn Robinson and Tom Corbett
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Learn how to interpret your dreams, and understand the deeper meaning behind recurring dream symbols. Discover your future, or possible problems, as foretold in your dreams.

“Addictive bedtime reading”
‘Daily Telegraph’

“A practical, comprehensive guide. Whatever you dream about – incest, buttons, ground hogs, parachutes – you name it, you’ll find the interpretation, neatly listed in alphabetical order in the Dreamer’s Dictionary”

“An ideal bedside book”
‘The Sunday Times’

With over 3,000 entries, arranged alphabetically, and over 500 cross-references, this is the most complete and authentic dictionary of dream references. Based on years of research and a thorough knowledge of ancient and modern sources, it will help anyone to see their life in a different light.

Dreams are rich in secret symbolism, sometimes easy to interpret but sometimes their meaning is obscure. The study and interpretation of dreams has always been treated with an interest beyond mere superstition. In ancient times the significance of a dream could change a person’s course of action and often it was considered a forecast of the future.

Today, following a period of scepticism it is accepted among psychotherapists that we can learn to interpret and use our dreams, to expose problems that we refuse to face in our conscious minds and to highlight our wishes and fears.

This perennially popular dictionary helps to analyse and understand the significance of your dreams, no matter how bizarre they seem.

Stearn Robinson worked as a journalist and radio producer before her marriage to Sir Robert Robinson, a scientist who was awarded the Nobel Prize. Tom Corbett is a psychic who specialises in investigating the ghosts of England’s stately homes.

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