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The Munich air crash of February 6th 1958 killed 8 members of Manchester United’s Busby Babes, and seemed to be the end of the brilliant team Busby had built. Frank Taylor nearly died in the crash and during his hospitalization he wrote this book, and revised it extensively 25 years later to include all the subse-quent knowledge about the crash, as well as to pay tribute to the United team that eventually won the European Cup in 1968 from the ashes of Busby’s team. Even today Duncan Edwards is remembered as the greatest player England could have produced, nothing like the Busby Babes had been seen before and this revised edition pays tribute to Sir Matt Busby, who died in 1993.

Frank Taylor was the only journalist to survive the Munich air crash and went on to become the leading sports journalist of his generation. He worked for the ‘Daily Mail’, ‘Sun’ and at the ‘Daily Mirror’ he created the concept of putting sports news on the back page of the newspaper.

“My greatest treasure now is a copy of The Day A Team Died, by Frank Taylor. I cried floods of tears when I first read it, and every time on re-reading. It should be compulsory reading for modern-day footballers.”
Daily Telegraph

“(This) minute-by-minute eye-witness account of that fateful take-off and dreadful aftermath remains the definitive record, written when it was still painfully fresh… his epitaph to those who perished on that freezing afternoon lives on.”
Independent on Sunday

“Serves simply to remind us what a fine writer the late Taylor was… Taylor’s sparse, pity-free eyewitness account is a captivating read.” Observer

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