The Counsellor’s Guide to Parks Inner Child Therapy

Penny Parks
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Penny Parks’ Rescuing the Inner Child has helped hundreds of counsellors who work with victims of child abuse, and they have often asked for further information to help in this work. The Counsellor’s Guide to Parks Inner Child Therapy comprehensively covers all the tools and resources needed to work confidently in the field of child abuse.

Covering the processes of establishing rapport, memory retrieval, identifying and removing limiting beliefs, visualisation techniques, keeping clients on track, understanding clients’ differing needs, dealing with grief and anger, the importance of assertiveness, identifying and shifting general blocks, intensifying happy memories, reframing guilt, shame and sexual difficulties, determining when a client is ready for change, defusing trauma response and dealing with the counsellor’s own feelings.

This is an essential guide for trained counsellors and therapists, which will add insights and tools to their repertoire, as well as being a guide for use in a self-help programme. Giving clear information about the effects and treatments of childhood abuse, and illustrated with sample material and guidelines, this is a valuable reference for anyone working with victims of child abuse.

Penny Parks developed her Parks Inner Child Therapy from her own experience of recovery from childhood abuse. She has since refined the PICT model to work with childhood abuse victims or anyone experiencing Post Traumatic Stress. Visit the Penny Parks Foundation website for more information on PICT.

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