The Celtic Tree Calendar

Michael Vescoli
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Your Tree Sign and You

“Discover the secrets of the trees”
‘The Mirror’

“You know your star sign, you’ve had your tarot cards read, now learn how the 2,000-year-old Celtic tree calendar can influence your life.”

Which tree rules your life? Is it the strong, vibrant oak, the loyal hornbeam, the quarrelsome maple, the aspiring ash or the good-tempered elm? Through this fascinating book you will earn how your personality relates to that of your native tree and discover how it can influence your fate.

For 2,000 years Celtic civilisation dominated Europe, and among its rich legacies to us was the tree calendar. Of ancient origin, this newly rediscovered form of horoscope binds up closely to the natural world which was such a potent force in Celtic philosophy.

The Celts revered and respected the trees, seeing them as living beings symbolic of the cycle of life, death and renewal. Each tree ruled over specific groups of days during the year, and people born during those days possessed the characteristics of their guardian tree. This calendar remains as valid for us today as it was for the Celts.

Beautifully illustrated with drawings of trees by Jean-Claude Senée, with endpapers showing the full circular tree calendar, the book also includes information about the Celts – their history, how they viewed the world and the passing seasons, and their wise men, the druids. The Celtic Tree Calendar has the power to add a new enrichment and meaning to our lives.

Michael Vescoli was born during the days of the cypress, the tree of resurrection. He works as an interpreter and translator for Swiss courts and police, and practises as a dream therapist and gives lectures on body language, face reading, chiromancy, astrology and comparative mythology.

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