The Bullying Problem

Alan Train
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How to Deal with Difficult Children

Bullying and violence among children are headline news, while cyber and text bullying increase the pressure on vulnerable children (and in extreme situations can cause some to commit suicide), but why do some children become bullies? What motivates their aggressive behaviour? How do they pick their victims?

Over 50% of children have been bullied while 70% admit to having been a bully, yet many parents are reluctant to admit that it affects their child and they often have no idea how to approach the problem. Based on the premise that bullies can be any child, not a minority of children with behavioural problems, Alan Train’s solutions educate children why it is unacceptable.

Alan Train’s challenging look at the problem centres the problem in the child’s family dynamic and explains the needs of both the bully and the bullied, and how these needs may be met in a less destructive way. Tackling underlying problems and using a practical approach, Alan Train’s approach can help all teachers and parents.

“If you are anxious about your child’s difficult behaviour and think that this could be linked to bullying, you have shown initiative and courage in choosing to read this book.”
‘National Bullying Helpline’

“Excellent. It is practical, full of common sense and easy to read. Its author has hands on experience with children, which shows throughout the book. This is a welcome addition to all those who have to deal with the thorny problem of bullying.”
Michelle Elliott, Director of ‘Kidscape’

“A valuable addition to the books written on the problem. It sharply brings into focus the importance of home and school working together to change the attitudes and hence the behaviour of aggressive and abusive children… This readable and practical book should be on the bookshelf of every staffroom and its positive message acted upon.”
Delwyn Tattum, Director of Countering Bullying Unit, Cardiff Institute of Higher Education

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