The Bermuda Triangle

Charles Berlitz
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Incredible but true: the worldwide megaseller that investigates one of the world’s most extraordinary unsolved mysteries.

What hidden force haunts the Bermuda Triangle – the area of ocean that lies between Bermuda and the coast of Florida? How, since 1943, have more than 100 ships and planes and 1,000 people vanished there, without a trace?

In this enthralling account, Charles Berlitz sets out to discover possible explanations for a series of bizarre happenings that have baffled scientists for decades. He describes how a squadron of five aeroplanes disappeared while on a routine training mission; how a ship was found abandoned, with no trace of passengers or crew; how a submerged vessel rose inexplicably from its grave on the seabed. And he has talked to people who have experienced the cataclysmic forces of the Bermuda Triangle and have escaped to tell the tale.

– Are the many UFOs that have been sighted in the area responsible?
– Could the Bermuda Triangle be subject to space-time warps caused by electromagnetic impulses from power sources of long-vanished civilisations?
– Are the disappearances somehow connected with the lost continent of Atlantis?

However impossible these suggestions may seem, no-one has so far been able to come up with a more plausible explanation. The Bermuda Triangle and its sequel Without a Trace, also available from Souvenir Press, remain the key books in any investigation of a mystery that defies solution.

Charles Berlitz was one of the world’s great linguists, speaking 32 languages, and won the Dag Hammarskjold International Prize for The Bermuda Triangle.

“Here is a real life mystery to beat all the mystery tales of fiction.”
‘Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph’

“Excellent reading. Recommended”
‘Cosmic Themes’

“To this day, there has been no clue to the disappearance of the six aircraft (Grumman Avengers) says Charles Berlitz in his enthralling book The Bermuda Triangle… These are chilling thoughts which Mr Berlitz offers in a book which delves far back into antiquity and almost as far into the future. And before we dismiss them it is worth remembering that so far no-one has come up with an earthly explanation.”
‘Grimsby Evening Telegraph’

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