The Art of Negotiating

Gerard I. Nierenberg
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The classic negotiator’s handbook by the world’s leading authority

Negotiating is a part of everyday life at all levels. Apart from being an almost daily occurrence for anyone in a business setting trying to settle deals, whether you are an employee hoping for a pay rise or a couple buying a house, you are negotiating. This invaluable book will help you to become a master of the art.

To be a successful negotiator, you must have a knowledge of people, their needs and motivations: this is the essential premise that underlies the teaching in this book. It explains how to:

– Analyse your opponent’s motivation
– Negotiate towards mutually satisfying terms
– Influence your associates and colleagues
– Divide complex issues into simpler, more manageable ones
– Read your opponent’s body language and know when to change tactics
– Convince your opponent that he or she wants the same as you do.

These skills, which have been taught by the author to clients ranging from world leaders to owners of small businesses, can be yours if you follow the simple but astute guidelines in this book. From being a taxing, and often acrimonious ordeal, negotiating will become an enjoyable, profitable and stimulating experience that will leave both parties satisfied. The Art of Negotiating could transform every aspect of your life.

Gerard Nierenberg was named by Forbes as the ‘Father of Negotiating’ for his exploration of negotiation strategies and tactics, and decades of work on the subject. In 1996, he founded the Negotiation Institute in New York, which leads seminars for organizations seeking to bolster human resources by improving negotiation and communication skills. His books have been translated into over 30 languages.

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