The Art of Marriage

Wilfred Arlan Peterson

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“Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens.
A good marriage must be created…”

You may have already heard this as part of ‘The Art of Marriage’, one of the most popular readings at wedding services and anniversaries but now for the first time with beautiful illustrations the perfect gift for any couple.

The striking simplicity of the words and its beautiful evocation of love makes it a touchstone for every couple, at the start of their relationship or after a lifetime of love.

Wilferd Arlan Peterson was one of the best loved American writers of the twentieth century, a writer as renowned for his inspirational wisdom and aphoristic wit as Mark Twain (to whom he was often compared). Born in 1900 Wilferd Peterson became a published writer in his teens and by 1961 his regular essays in ‘This Week’ magazine had made him a national figure.

Chris Molan is a widely published illustrator, who has also illustrated the work of Michael Morpurgo.

“Very well expressed, this short book contains succinct clues for a long and happy marriage, where the little things matter as much as the big things. Although the cover shows a church wedding, the text is completely secular and therefore is appropriate for civil partnership and wedding ceremonies. The illustrations are lovely and add further depth of understanding to the text. It makes a lovely keepsake for your own wedding and a nice little present for a couple starting on the wonderful adventure of a shared life together.”
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